So you’re going on a vacation, you have booked the hotel, requested the dates off work, and purchased your flight tickets. But what about your pets? Have you made arrangements for them? With so many options out there now a days what is the best option for your pet?

What are your options?

Asking the friend or neighbor: Many do it, however your friends and neighbors have lives of their own and honestly they may not have your pets best interest a heart. These friends may not have pets of their own, understand the proper care for your specific pet or they may not care for the pet the way you wish them to be cared for. Plus, what if your pet has special needs or is nervous around people? Are these friends going to know how to handle this situation safely?

Boarding: There are some very nice boarding facilities out there and of course there is always the vet hospital. While this is a fine situation, some pets don’t do well in these situations and cause lots of stress or anxiety. If this is the route you decide be sure to do your research on the place and ALWAYS take a tour. If they don’t offer it, go somewhere else.

Why is the pet sitter the better option?

Finally, my favorite option is to hire a professional pet sitter to care for your pet in your very own home. There are countless reasons why I believe this is the best decision. One reason being, this person does this for a living. This person comes with years of experience, knowledge and quality customer service. Not only that, you can be sure your pet is as comfortable as possible because they are in familiar surroundings. With a pet sitter you can have them visit as often as you’d like and be confident that they will care for your pet just as you asked.

San Dimas Pet Sitter

Pro sitters come with experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

If you happen to have a pet with special needs, most pet sitters have the knowledge and experience to provide medical treatments or know how to observe your pet and see signs that may need medical attention.

Perhaps you have a pet that is nervous, suffers from separation anxiety, or has a bite history. Most pet sitters know how to handle these situations safely and can work with you prior to your departure to insure your pet will be fine while you are away.

If your dog is trained and you want to be sure your dog is kept in its normal routine to insure the training holds through, hiring a pet sitter can be very helpful!

If  you still have concerns, be sure your professional pet sitter is insured, licensed, and keeps you updated while you are away.

Hiring a pet sitter will give you peace of mind that not only your home is cared for but of course your pet. They understand your concerns, wants and needs, and will do all they possibly can to make sure you and your pet are happy. Take the worry away and hire a professional pet sitter. It truly is the way to go.

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