When my husband and I first met our Skylar it was love at first sight. I had been searching and searching for the dog I wanted and she was it. Although there was much needed caution, adopting a dog can be a mystery till you bring them home and spend time with them. I knew she needed basic obedience training but I didn’t know just how challenging she would really be. Luckily she found the right owner to do the work. We quickly began the long journey of training to overcome her behavioral issues. So when you choose your next pet be ready that you made the commitment to provide whatever may be necessary, whether that includes health care or behavioral training. It’s is all important and part of being a responsible pet owner.

If you are considering getting a pet soon please take into consideration these things.

  • Are you and your household really ready for this shared responsibility?
  • Do you have the funds needed to provide care?
  • Do you have the time to train the dog?
  • Do you have the finances to pay a trainer to help?
  • Do you have time to provide adequate daily exercise?
  • If serious training is needed, are you prepared to do what you need?
  • Are you home enough to spend time with this pet?

If you desire a dog or pet just because they are cute or want something to cuddle with, you will be very disappointed. They are MUCH more then just cuddle buddies. Please, really think about it and take time deciding what kind of pet or dog is right for you. Don’t just look at the looks or breed of the dog but look at the behaviors and temperament the dog presents. Every dog is an individual and may have specific needs. If you are looking into a specific breed, do the research, does this breed fit your lifestyle? Is this the dog for you? Think clearly about this.

Before you take a pet home, it is important for you to spend time with this pet to really find out if this pet is right for you. Meet with the breeder, rescue, or shelter at least a couple times to see if this match is right. Never rush into it. You are talking about a commitment for the next 10+ years. Be sure it’s the right one. The organization will appreciate you more for taking this adoption seriously.

Due to frequent returns to rescue organizations don’t be surprised if a rescue has specific requirements for potential adopters. They want to be sure this is the right fit. Well I should say good rescues will go the extra mile to be sure. You may have to pay a fee for necessary expenses the rescue has had to care for during this pets stay with them. It’s fair! In fact making a bigger donation just may be a nice gesture.

Shelters on the other hand over pets much more easily. This is not necessarily a good thing, it’s also why they got more returns. With so many pets that needs homes, they are eager to get them out of the shelter. Don’t feel like this should be an easy decision, take your time and make a wise decision. There are plenty of pets to choose from, and many organizations you can visit.

So now that you have decent idea of what to expect with a pet adoption and have considered what this responsibility includes here is a list of reputable rescues in the Southern California area:

  • Hope 2K9
  • I Pitty The Bull
  • Marleys Mutts
  • Priceless Pets

Need more help and guidance feel free to comment below, we’d be happy to help.